Application and Instruction

for using Virol-Oxy®

5 Steps to Clean and Disinfect your home, office, kitchen
and living room area from 2019 Novel Coronavirus.

Here are 5 steps to sanitize and disinfect with Virol-Oxy®

1. Prepare your Cleaning Tools:

Wear a mask, disposable gloves and prepare a Virol-Oxy®  solution, which is effective against Coronavirus. Keep windows open for ventilation and remember to avoid touching your face and eyes.

2. Start to Clean all Surfaces:

Prepare the Virol-Oxy® 1% solution (1 table spoon for 1 liters of disinfectant) and mop the floor of your residence from one end to another. Also disinfect frequently touched areas, such as handles, door knobs, armrests, switches, etc. Virol-Oxy® can be use for all surfaces made of wood, metal and cocrete.

  1.   Decide on the mass of the Virol-Oxy® disinfectant solution required at the appropriate dilution rate.
  2.   Measure out the appropriate quantity of Virol-Oxy® powder to achieve the desired dilution rate.
  3.   Add the Virol-Oxy® powder to water and stir thoroughly to dissolve it.
  4.   Using a mop or a pressure washer or any other mechanical sprayer apply Virol-Oxy® solution at application rate of 300ml/m2.

3. Wash Fabrics:

Use a washing machine and detergent by adding one table spoon (10 grams of Virol-Oxy® to every wash). You should wash fabrics such as bed sheets, pillow covers, blankets, all curtains and rub carpets with Virol-Oxy® 1% solution.

4. Equipment Disinfection:

Dilution rate 1:100 (10 grams of Virol-Oxy® to every 1 liter of water). All movable equipment should be washed with Virol-Oxy®. For cleaning and disinfection, you can use brush or pressure washer.

5. Routine Disinfection of Footwear:

All footwear should be washed with 1% of Virol-Oxy® before entering the house, building or public places. Solution has to be replaced once it has become soiled or after a period of maximum 2 days.

Virol-Oxy® is a unique chemistry solution that are easy to apply anywhere.
A distinct difference that sets Virol-Oxy® apart from all products available from competition is our formulation
for No Matter what surface needs to be sanitized, decontaminated or disinfected.

Advice to Public

“Spraying surfaces with chlorine, alcohol or any other disinfectants is not a very effective way to stop Coronavirus”. Sulfate and Hydroxyl radicals based methodology is enough to protect valuable lives of our planet.