Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

It is very simple. Prepare the solution as suggested in Virol-Oxy literatures. Once the solution is prepared, simply spray the surfaces thoroughly using Virol-Oxy solution and let the water evaporated. If needed, you can clean/wipe the surface with wet cloth after water is evaporated.

The Self-Cleaning advantage of Virol-Oxy is from nano-coating of Titansorb-P (TiO2) which remains on surfaces after spraying Virol-Oxy. The unique properties of TiO2 through Photocatalytic reactions from visible light remains the utmost advantage compare to any other disinfectant available in the market.

Virol-Oxy in original packaging is a powder and could be diluted instantly by mixing ratio of 1:100 (Product : Water).

It is forbidden to sell/resell Virol-Oxy in a liquid form. It must be sold as powder form only and the end-user should be advised to prepare ready-to-use fresh Virol-Oxy solution at the time of application.

Effectiveness of Virol-Oxy remains the same when respecting the minimum 30 seconds of contact time during applications onto surfaces. Absolutely safe for Food & Beverage environments. To achieve the maximum benefits of Virol-Oxy and TiO2, it is recommended to spray according to our instructions and let the liquid evaporate.

Yes, Virol-Oxy can be used as 0.1% concentrated (up to 0.3%) solution for disinfection tunnels to disinfect people. It will give the best possible results at this concentration. As to our best knowledge this concentrated solution is totally harmless, but it is always recommended to keep eyes closed (protected), while standing in the tunnel for disinfection (this suggestion is for any chemical, not only for Virol-Oxy). It is also recommended to follow mandated country specific safety regulations as well as necessary precautions for people with respiratory/other health issues

Virol-Oxy (0.5 % solution): pH = 2.15 (+/- 0.15)

The solution of 1% concentration will not be harmful to materials or surfaces.

Concentration remains at 1% for disinfecting any surfaces.

Log reduction is a mathematical term, which used to represent the efficiency of a disinfection and shows relative number of contamination (bacteria, viruses and etc.) that are eliminated/inactivated by a disinfection process. For example, a 5 log (also represent as log5) reduction means eliminating/inactivating the contaminations by 100,000 fold. Refer to following table for more information. Virol-Oxy can easily achieve log5 or higher reduction, if used as explained in product literature.

Log Reduction            Relative Reduction Factor

           1                              10

           2                              100

           3                              1000

           4                              10,000

           5                              100,000

           6                              1,000,000

Virol-Oxy is based on a very strong chemistry of radicals, which will help in deactivating viruses and destroy many contaminants. Once the virus has been deactivated by Virol-Oxy, it cannot be activated again.

In salt water, the effectiveness of Virol-Oxy will increase dramatically up to three-fold. However, it is recommended to use less salty water as the Redox potential will be too high.

Applications of Virol-Oxy needs to be followed according to our literatures and if followed, the product is safe for all humans.

No, direct consumption of Virol-Oxy is not meant for humans and animals.

It can be disposed of safely to sink drains/sewer drains (for example, through kitchen sinks, toilets, etc.). At dispose, it will also help in killing bacteria and in inactivating the viruses down the drain line.

No, it is not advised to contact the lab directly, as they will not be answering/sharing any information directly to the third party as per data protection law. For any questions relating to HygCen documents, kindly feel free to contact us at

Product Packaging

Virol-Oxy Packaging;

• 1 kg

• 6 kg

• 60 kg

• 1000 kg

Packaging details & photos:

The repackaging of Virol-Oxy could be done locally with a few simple steps to have adequate equipment’s. For example, masks, gloves, and protective clothing during the weighing and sealing of new packages. We recommend 1000 kg/Big Box packaging which is very economical and could be easily repackaged locally into desired packaging and applications.

Packaging details:

It depends on the packaging you would like to purchase. Kindly find MOQ as follow based on different packaging.

  • For 1000 kg/Big Box packaging, MOQ is 1 Big Box (1000 kg)
  • For 60 kg/Drum packaging, MOQ is 6 Drum (360 kg)
  • For 6 kg/Bucket packaging, MOQ is 8 Buckets (48 kg)
  • For 1 kg/Canister packaging, MOQ is 32 Canister (32 kg)

Product Life Span

It is 3 years from manufacturing date, if stored and handled as recommended in MSDS of the product.

The stability of Virol-Oxy in 1% solution is stable up to 10 days.

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