The idea of using Titansorb® nanoparticles is that the virus behind COVID-19 consists of a structure of a similar scale as Titansorb nanoparticles. At that scale matter is ultra-small, about a thousand times smaller than the width of a single strand of hair.

The Only Disinfectant with Self-disinfecting coating, which Lasts for One-to-Three months, is now shipped to all the countries around the world.

Alcohol? How can you ensure that alcohol disinfectants are not the source of Coronavirus to spread? Alcohol vapor from Alcohol-Based Hand Rubs. Alcohol inhalation is a method of administering alcohol known as

Virol-Oxy® is a Robust Science and technology for a safe and secure life, having three different properties.

Coronavirus is spreading through Apartments, Buildings, Pipes, and etc. Needs an immediate Disinfection of all Water Systems.

Watch Water® working to increase Virol-Oxy® disinfectant supply for Coronavirus prevention. Because of very heavy demand Watch Water® is optimizing production capacities to deliver additional quantity of Virol-Oxy® disinfectant for China and other affected countries.