Posted on February 18th, 2020 from Mannheim, Germany

As the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic disrupts all possible operations around the world and the solution…….. None.
We at Watch Water®, we have the solution. The Photocatalyst reaction utilizing semiconductor material, as Titansorb-P is one of the most effective technology in the field of environment purification.
Photocatalytic technology has grown in Germany with Watch Water® is a key manufacturer, that has been developing this world-class technology over a 25 years of period and producing numbers of successful products such as
  • Titansorb (Adsorber)
  • Titanicarbon (Adsorber)
  • Carboblock-TS3
  • Virol-Oxy® 
Virol-Oxy® is the first disinfectant in the world with three different properties such as
  •  Cleaning and Self Cleaning
  •  Disinfection
  •  Coating All-in-One

Formulation to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Virol-Oxy® is the only disinfectant that uses the photocatalytic properties of Titansorb-P to generate Free Radicals from airborne water molecules as explained in figure below.

To generate free radicals when exposed to visible light, the coating converts airborne H2O into  .OH ions, which breakdown bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold including Airborne allergens and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). As Titansorb-P generates electrons and holes by irradiation with light. Most of the Organic pollutants including dioxins are decomposed into Carbon dioxide and H2O, by the effect of the holes with a strong oxidation potential of 5.5 mv.

Such Photocatalytic disinfectants can be applied to clean environmental issues, where nothing else is working.