The Action of Titanium

Dioxide in Virol-Oxy®

The Action of Titanium Dioxide in Virol-Oxy®

Watch Water® crystalline form of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) have photocatalytic activity. Anatase based Titansorb-P has a band gap of 3.2 eV. The photocatalytic process includes chemical steps that produce reactive species which causes fatal damage to microorganisms. Formation of singlet oxygen with the reaction of hydroxyl radical TiO2 forms Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) which damages the viral functions of viruses. For a cell (bacteria) or virus in contact with the Titansorb-P surface, there is a direct transfer of electoral transfer to the bacteria and viruses. Mechanism of photocatalytic process on irradiated Titansorb-P. Screened small crystalline.

a) Electron-Hole Pair Formation

TiO2 + hv    —–>    TiO2 + OH. (Titansorb-P)

b) Electron Removal from the Conduction Band

TiO2 + O2 + H+     —–>     TiO2 + HO2 –
TiO2 + H2 O2 + H+        —–>     TiO2 + H2 O + OH.
TiO2 + H+             —–>        TiO2 +  .H2

c) Oxidation of Organic Compounds

OH. + O2 + Cn Om H2n-2m+2         —–>       nCO2 + (n-m+1) H2O

d) Productive Radical Reaction

Adsorption of viruses on TiO2 surface and 100% photodegradation of DNA and RNA the base of all viruses. DNA and RNA damage is more effective with visible light for 10 minutes. By using Titansorb-P in the formulation of Virol-Oxy® with the concept of TiO2 photocatalytic reaction causes the destruction of the outer membrane of Any Bacteria, as well as degradation of All Toxic Compounds subsequently released from the Dead Cells. By serving both as an antibacterial and a detoxifying agent, Watch Water® has brought a very unique disinfectant for any environmental applications. Without hydrogen-peroxide there is obviously no Hydroxyl-Radicals and without hydroxyl radicals, there will be no destruction of long-range of bacteria and viruses. Titansorb-P which is one of the main component in Virol-Oxy® and helps in adsorption of DNA and RNA. Thus Virol-Oxy® has multiple modes of action that can operate simultaneously, which are Adsorption, Trapping, Reactive Oxygen species and Photochemistry. Due to the highest potential for water and air disinfection, all surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected by using Virol-Oxy® and these surfaces remain self-clean and disinfected for very long period of time. Virol-Oxy® can be used on all surfaces what so ever.