Posted on May 11, 2020 from Mannheim, Germany

Since the outbreak began in late 2019, Watch Water® has been racing to learn more about SARS-COVID-19, which is a strain from a family of viruses known as coronavirus for their crown-like shape.
The idea of using Titansorb® nanoparticles is that the virus behind COVID-19 consists of a structure of a similar scale as Titansorb® nanoparticles. At that scale matter is ultra-small, about a thousand times smaller than the width of a single strand of hair. Watch Water® is using Titansorb® particles of similar sizes that could attach to SARS-COVID-19 viruses by disrupting their structure with a combination of H2O2 and visible light. That structure change would then halt the ability of the virus to survive and enter into the body.
“You just have to watch the solution of Virol-Oxy® and see the turbidity of disinfectant. These are nanoparticles of Titansorb® in nanoscale size range, to detect viruses and deactivate them from all types of surfaces. “Titansorb® nanoparticles utilizes both the unique function to detect the virus and simultaneously using the catalytic properties of the nanoparticle to disinfect all surfaces”.
COVID-19 spreads mostly through tiny droplets of viral particles from breathing, talking coughing and sneezing – that enter the body through nose, mouth, or eyes. All possible researches have proved that these virus particles and germs survive for days when they attach themselves to countertops, handrails, floors, doorknobs and every other hard surfaces. That is the only reason to make Virol-Oxy® with Titansorb® nanoparticles with the focus of the COVID-19 outbreak, to detect and inactivate further growth. Nanoparticles of Titansorb® could disable these viruses, bacteria and pathogens much before they can break into the body, where Virol-Oxy® has been sprayed on all different objects and surfaces. Titansorb® particles hold on these objects and surfaces to attack viruses and inactivate them within a blink of an eye. The most genius disinfectant, which could inactivate 99.99% of COVID-19, including a wide range of other viruses, bacteria and pathogens.

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 Including fabrics, masks, gloves, doctors’ coats, curtains, bedsheets, carpets etc.
 Metals, lifts, door handles, nobs, railings, public transport, airport etc.
 Wood, furniture, floors and partition panels.
 Concreate, hospitals, clinics, isolation wards.
 Complete bathrooms, spas, swimming pools including water for different applications.
 Plastics, switches, kitchen and all home applications including telephones and mobile phones.
 All disinfection chambers

Why Don’t You Have Self-Cleaning Virus and Bacteria killing surfaces.