Coronavirus concern are increasing demand for Watch Water's Virol-Oxy

Posted on February 6th, 2020 from Mannheim, Germany

Watch Water® working to increase Virol-Oxy® disinfectant supply for Coronavirus prevention. Because of very heavy demand Watch Water® is optimizing production capacities to deliver additional quantity of Virol-Oxy® disinfectant for China and other affected countries.

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Supply Chain Management

At the moment we are trying to work out how best we can respond to this high demand and in terms of supply chain management making sure we can access sufficient raw materials to keep pace with it and we are optimizing our production capacities. 


Virol-Oxy® is used for all possible hard surfaces and equipment disinfection. Virol-Oxy® can achieve inactivation of the Coronavirus strain at a 1 : 100 dilution rate with 10-minute contact time. This makes it so unique with its strong sulfate radicals’ formulation. Virol-Oxy® cannot be compared with any other disinfectant in the world which is so powerful. Most effective against more than 150 strains of viruses, over 500 strains of bacteria and over 100 strains of fungi and yeast. We vow to do our utmost to save the world from this virus and avoid further spreading by deactivating all viruses.