Posted on February 13th, 2020 from Mannheim, Germany

Coronavirus is spreading through Apartments, Buildings, Pipes, and etc. Needs an immediate Disinfection of all Water Systems.

If the drainage pipe in the bathroom is not well disinfected and closed properly, it is able to transmit the Virus through ventilation, which are present in the faeces.


Virol-Oxy® can disinfect

  •  Water Systems
  • Aerial Disinfection
  • Water Delivery Systems


Virol-Oxy® is Very Easy to Apply Anywhere.

Terminal and Continuous Disinfection


All water systems around the Virus affected area can potentially contain Viral and Bacterial contamination, especially header tanks, where dust and debris can accumulate. Virol-Oxy® will Disinfect and Clean the water systems and eliminate Viruses, Bacteria and Fungal growth.


  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hospitals and Ambulances
  • Public Places
  • Home and Office Setups
  • Commercial Livestock Procedure
  • All and Every Veterinary Hospitals
  • All Animal Farms and Zoo’s
  • Every Farm Equipment’s
  • Poultry and Dairy Drinking Water
  • Vegetables, Fruits, All kind of Meat and Egg Dipping in 0.5% Solution of Virol-Oxy® .